Feel free to ask the school, if you want to contact former or current students and have an informal chat with them before coming to a final decision.

We do hope you will get in touch and look forward to being able to help you improve your French skills.

Spanish young children class 2018

Christine taught both my children (9 and 7 year old boys - not an easy crowd) Spanish last year and she was an excellent teacher. Both my boys picked it up very easily and thoroughly enjoyed her lessons..

She is an excellent teacher and I would recommend her to anyone in our area looking for language classes.


German adult 2018

Christine is a great language teacher. I have attended French conversation classes and individual German classes.

PS: Christine has the ability to teach grammar very well and make it fun and interesting too!


HSC French 2018

Christine is a kind and patient teacher, whose love of language shines out in her teaching and encouragement of her students.Christine has been teaching my daughter for the past three years and we have had the best results of all in French.

Christine's sense of humour keeps learning interesting but she also insists on practice & hard work and my daughter has responded well to being kept to account with her homework. Learning to read and write in a foreign language is a challenging task at the best of times, but having the ability to do so is such a gift. I highly recommend LeFrogSchool.

Ms Alwyn

French adult group classes 2017

The first thing I look for when I search for a language school is the class size. LeFrogSchool had what I was looking for. Christine, my teacher, was terrific. She was very attentive and always keen to push each of us to our limits. I also like that the homework was accessible online so that I could always go back to it when needed. I had a positive learning experience with her.


French adult class 2015

Having not studied a language except for 1 year in high school, I came to Christine's classes as a novice and studied 3 terms of Beginners French in 2014/15. Whilst I found learning the language a challenge, Christine was always very encouraging and the small learning environment with the other students was very enjoyable. I was sorry that I could not continue the classes for personal reasons but hope to resume my studies sometime in the future.


French HSC class 2015

I was very frightened at the thought of doing the French HSC exam. Christine not only helped me to improve my grammar, talking, and writting skills, but she also improved my confidence so that I approach the exams in a much calmer state than expected. I was thrilled to hear that I achieved a band 6! Thanks Christine: you are a great teacher! Melissa

French adult class 2015

To any interested Francophiles, I read about Le Frog French school in our local paper about 2 years ago. Its classes had recently had lunch at local a French restaurant. I was keen to join a French Conversation group as my previous teacher was no longer teaching adults. I attended Christine’s intermediate level Conversation Class for about 18 months. The activities during the classes were always varied. We played games to improve our vocabulary, conversed in French and were taught grammar. Christine spoke mainly in French, even when explaining the grammar. However, she was happy to explain in English if required. I found Christine to be an excellent teacher and the classes were always very enjoyable. Everyone in the class was very sad that she was moving out of our area and could no longer teach us. Bonne chance


German HSC class 2015

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and your family too! I am emailing to let you know I got a HSC mark of 94 for German, I am so happy! Thank you so much for your help, I couldn't have done it without you.


German year 11 class 2014

"My Year 11 daughter missed most of a term of German Continuers due to illness and fell behind her class in all areas of the subject. In eight sessions Christine was able to get her caught up enough to get her confidence back and carry on with the rest of the semester, including a satisfactory pass in the mid-year exams. Christine was very flexible and understanding and I would recommend her to anyone. She is fantastic ! "


German Business class 2014

First of all I’d like to thank Christine for the lessons. I appreciate her efforts to make me understand and speak German. When I started to work for my actual company, I knew I would have to communicate with German speaking customers. So I took German Beginners lessons with Christine. My goal was to be able to understand and to talk to the customers at the basic level. Also, My employer required me to pass the A1 German test as an evidence of my level in this language. I studied for 4 month with Christine, learned the basic grammar and vocabular. I also developed my speaking skills. At the end I had scored 91% in the German A1 test. Which, I believe, is a very good result! To conclude I must add that I enjoyed our lessons. Christine is inspiring, kind, fun and a great teacher!


Beginners class 2013

Hi Christine,

I thought French classes were very well organised, with relevant topic areas and the pace was great for a beginner. Pair work and games helped me learn more. 


Vanessa x

Beginners class 2013

Hi Christine

I really enjoyed your classes  You explained everything so clearly and I understood French language concepts that have previously baffled me.  Thankyou!

Kind regards


Junior French closs 2013

Dear Christine,

We would like to thank you very much for taking so much effort in teaching French to Elisha. I can assure you that Elisha loved every bit of it and specially enjoyed your creative games to use vocabulary.

To your credit you always went down to the kids level and have taken extra efforts to make French interesting for them.

I hope in future we can once again start French with you.

Once again many Thanks


Conversation 2013

I believe that before starting with Christine I was at a fairly good level in the German language but my spoken German was not at a level that I was happy with. I needed to find a tutor that could help me to achieve my goal of more fluent conversation. I contacted Christine and I was glad that I did. Since I started weekly conversation classes, approximately a year and a half ago my spoken German has improved immensely and the classes have given me much more confidence with speaking.

Christine is a very good listener, she is very patient and she knows how to tailor classes for exactly what the student needs help with.The classes are always fun and interesting and she also helps out with additional material between lessons.

Danke Christine,


Business 2012

When I started working at my new company Christine was hired to teach me to read and write German. The goals of our lessons were to establish some basic grammatical rules, but above all to focus on building vocabulary and listening skills. Christine tailored her lessons to these goals and also tailored them to suit a mature student. My work, being in engineering, required an extra focus on specific terminology used in the industry. Christine researched the industry and included common phrases and words into our lessons to further assist me in reaching my language goals. With the exercises and training provided by Christine I was able to establish a strong foundation from which to build my communication skills on. Christine’s training enabled me to go from knowing nothing about the German language, to being able to read, write and communicate at a level suitable for my job. I am very thankful to Christine and would happily recommend her if you are seeking to learn a new language.

Vielen Dank,


HSC 2012

Christine is a very dedicated and helpful teacher and has assisted me greatly with my HSC Spanish Beginners studies. She is very approachable, always eager to help and answer any questions, and offers a lot of useful advice and resources that have never failed to be beneficial to me. The lessons are both enjoyable and helpful, especially since she takes great care to target and improve my weak areas, which have boosted my listening skills and expanded my Spanish vocabulary immensely, as well as giving me some valuable extra speaking practice. Thank you Christine!

Belinda 2012

PS: I just received my HSC Spanish results and got a state ranking of 4th. My exam mark was 99/100 and my school assessment mark of 97/100 which gave me a HSC mark of 98. Thank you for your help! :)

Conversation class

Christine has been very helpful in improving my French. I had some knowledge of the language and wanted to improve it and maintain it at a better level with regular French conversation. Christine achieved a rapid improvement in my confidence and accuracy in speaking French. Christine encourages conversation, corrects as necessary without interrupting the flow and introduces new grammar and vocabulary in a relevant way.

Above all, French conversation with Christine is fun. She is patient, flexible and attentive to her students’ language needs.”

Jonathan 2011

French HSC 2012

Christine is an incredible and inspirational tutor who has truly helped me with my HSC French Continuers. I had been to several other tutors and found I was not really improving but after just a few weeks with Christine my entire French class noticed my improvement. Prior to going to Christine I was terrible with writing, grammar and had very little confidence in my speaking but she pays great attention to your weaknesses and each lesson is tailor-made to help improve all aspects of your linguistic skills. She is not only a wonderful teacher but an amazing person who understands the pressure of exams and is always willing to help. I can honestly attribute my love of French and desire to continue learning it to Christine and I will truly miss French tutoring!

PS:I got 86 in French and I am so happy with this result. I never would have expected to get a high band 5 :) 

French Beginners

When we arrived in Sydney coming from South America it turned out, that our daughter (then year 8) had to catch up two and a half years of French. Luckily we found Christine as a tutor, who immediately started teaching her. With the help of Christine it took her only one and a half years to catch up with the rest of the class. Christine put a lot of effort not only in teaching, but also in keeping contact to the school. Christine works with modern methods and always finds a way to create a positive and interesting learning atmosphere apropiate to the child's age. She is very sensitive about the needs of her students and always finds a way to motivate them.

Jutta 2012

 IB exams Nov 2011

Christine was of great help with the preparation for my IB Spanish Ab Initio exam. Even though I only had a few months with her (just before my finals) my results improved dramatically by two full number grades from an average of 3 to a 5 at my finals. Christine pays a lot of attention to each topic and makes sure that you understand it before moving on. She is also good at finding areas where you are weak and making sure you understand them. She was especially helpful with final exam preparation, supplying me with lots of past papers and exam tips. Although she tends to give a lot of homework, it is all very relevant and helpful and is definitely worth it!


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